Pollution Risks

“Air pollution is now the world’s single greatest environmental health risk. ” – World Health Organization.

A person who dies from an air pollution-related cause typically dies about ten years earlier than he or she otherwise might have.” – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“For nearly a quarter century, it has been clear that air pollution in the United States kills between 60,000 and 120,000 people each year and sickens millions more.” – Dr. Devra Davis 

We recommend improving the air quality in your home even if you show no symptoms.”  – The Environmental Protection Agency

“With every increase of just 10 micrograms – 10 millionths of a gram – of fine particulate pollution per cubic meter of air, the risk of death for the population rises 5 percent.”  – Dr. Devra Davis.

With [high level of air pollution] it is easier to get sick and it takes longer to get better– Dr. Ellie Brownstein – Pediatrician (Jan 24, 2013 press conference) (See the video here)

Air pollution negatively effects all of us, but it can have a particularly acute impact on those who suffer from the following ailments:

Allergies | Asthma | Birth Defects | Cancer | COPD |Dementia | Heart Disease | Infertility | Memory Loss

Breathing clean air in your home will help you avoid these negative effects.  In addition, the following pollutant can be particularly harmful to your health: Ozone

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