Frequently Asked Questions

IS MY CONTRIBUTION TAX DEDUCTIBLE?  Yes.  Contributions are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code and the effective date of exemption was April 18, 2014.

WHO IS ON YOUR BOARD OF TRUSTEES?  Kip Jardine, Real Estate Broker, Developer and Inventor is the President.  Additional Board Members include Jared Jardine, Inventor with an M.S. in Computer Science; David Jardine, who specializes in Business and Real Estate Law with a JD/MBA, with Linda Jardine as Secretary/Treasurer.  Chad Jardine, Adjunct Professor and Marketing Specialist with an MBA, is a member of the Advisory Board and Steve Hortin, CPA, is the accountant.

WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET?  We do not have a fixed budget.  Operating expenses vary according to the number and size of contributions, but never exceed 20%.  We want each donation to provide assistance, not be consumed by overhead, so whenever possible we use volunteers and independent contractors instead of employees.  The use of our offices, computers, etc., is all donated and none of the management currently receives a salary.

WHO ARE YOUR DONORS?  We greatly appreciate contributions from everyone, but we are relying on the business and philanthropic communities for the majority of the funds.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential donors.

HOW ARE DONATIONS USED?  With each $1,000,000 thousands can be educated about how to protect themselves from air pollution poison and up to 1,000 sufferers can be provided with super, whole-house life-saving systems.  The number of presentations and systems provided is only limited by the amount of contributions received. We use donations where donors provide service and where the need is most severe.

WHAT DO DONORS RECEIVE?  We thank our donors for their invaluable financial assistance.  We acknowledge their contributions in our presentations and urge attendees to support their businesses. In addition, we are happy to provide presentations to groups of donors’ employees.  A super system is available to qualifying donors for a 30-day FREE assessment in their home or office.

HOW LARGE IS THE PROBLEM?  According to the World Health Organization’s new findings, poor air quality is responsible for 7,000,000 deaths a year–one in eight total deaths worldwide.  Over 140,000,000 people directly suffer from it, and millions more suffer with diseases that are aggravated by it.  It is estimated that in the past ten years in the United States air pollution poison has been responsible for approximately 15,000,000 deaths and 40,000,000 serious illnesses.  Within a few miles of your home or office (wherever they may be) will be hundreds of people suffering and dying from this preventable health hazard.

WHO IS AFFECTED BY AIR POLLUTION POISON?  Most diseases are airborne, so if you breathe oxygen you are affected.  The top 4 causes of death in the U.S. (excluding accidents) are heart disease, cancer, COPD and stroke, all of which can be caused or exacerbated by air pollution poison. The EPA recommends improving the air quality in your home even if you show no symptoms.

WHAT DO YOUR SUPER SYSTEMS REMOVE?  They remove virtually all airborne contaminants, including viruses (like Ebola, influenza, SARS coronavirus, smallpox, chickenpox, measles and hantavirus), bacteria (like anthrax, pneumonia, tuberculosis, whooping cough, meningitis and diphtheria), molds and fungi, airborne parasites, pollen, smog, tobacco smoke, dust, pet dander, etc., and over 300 gasses, odors and chemicals down to .00003 microns.  When you take out all the filth, there is nothing left in the air to “catch”.

COULD PEOPLE LIVE LONGER IN AN AIR POLLUTION-FREE ENVIRONMENT?  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has reported that a person who dies from an air pollution-related cause typically dies about 10 years before he or she would otherwise.  So an additional 5, 10 or even 20 more years could be possible.

WHAT GEOGRAPHIC AREA DO YOU SERVE?  Serious air pollution poison is worldwide, but currently we operate exclusively in the United States.

ARE THERE OPPORTUNITIES FOR VOLUNTEERS?  Yes.  Hosting or assisting with our educational presentations, passing out literature, making telephone calls and providing refreshments are some possibilities.

HOW CAN WE SCHEDULE A FREE PRESENTATION?  Complete the “Free Presentation” form.  Call 800-992-7027 Monday through Thursday 10-4 if you need assistance.

WHO QUALIFIES FOR A FREE SYSTEM?  Low-to-middle income families who are at risk and can’t afford to purchase their own generally qualify.  Special consideration is given to children, pregnant women, and past and present firefighters, law enforcement and U.S. military personnel.  Complete the “Free System” form.  Call 800-992-7027 Monday through Thursday 10-4 if you need assistance.

CAN I PURCHASE A SYSTEM?  Yes.  Breathe Easy Foundation does not sell systems, but you may purchase a system from our exclusive manufacturer.  Call 800-997-8869 to speak to a representative.

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