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THE CRISIS: “Air pollution is now the world’s single greatest environmental health risk”, according to the World Health Organization’s new findings that show poor air quality is responsible for 7,000,000 deaths a year—one in eight total deaths worldwide. They also report that environmental contamination is responsible for 80% of cancer and contributes to 80% of diseases in all categories.

The latest data available from the Centers for Disease Control shows the 2013 U.S. early death toll may be as high as 1,615,915 when ailments caused or aggravated by air pollution are included like heart disease, cancer, COPD, stroke, Alzheimer’s, influenza and pneumonia.   In addition to the deaths, estimates are that 4,000,000 people in the United States (140,000,000 worldwide) become seriously ill annually from air pollution poison.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports that a person who dies from an air pollution-related cause typically dies about ten years earlier than he or she otherwise might have.

THE SOLUTION: Our mission as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is to 1) warn the public through FREE presentations about the deadly effects of air pollution poison on everyone, especially children (including the unborn) and seniors, teaching people how to create a safe haven to protect themselves at home and work; and 2) provide FREE whole-house super air filtration and acclimatization systems for qualifying low-to-middle income families at risk who can’t afford to purchase their own.

Most diseases are airborne and these systems prevent illness by removing virtually all airborne contaminants (viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi, etc.) and 300 gasses, odors and chemicals down to .00003 microns.  With perfect air 24/7 in an entire home, office, hotel or school, there is nothing airborne left to “catch”!


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